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In order to maintain a safe and secure environment for everyone in the building, security measures are in place that must be followed. The following outlines what to expect upon entering any federal courthouse or federal probation office within the Middle District of Florida.

  • Every visitor is required to present a valid official photo ID. An ID is defined as any current State ID or Driver's License, Federal ID, U.S. Military ID, or Passport which has a photograph and personal identifier information. No other forms of ID will be accepted unless verified and approved by a Deputy U.S. Marshal.
  • Item(s) such as cell phones, laptop computers, cameras, audio recorders, etc., are not allowed in the courthouse without a court order. Weapons of any kind may not be brought into the courthouse. A standing order pertaining to attorney utilization of personal electronic devices in the courthouse has been issued. Please visit our Attorney Resource page for a copy of the order. Firearms, knives, pocket knives, chemical sprays and other weapons not specified are also prohibited.
  • Everyone must go through a metal detector that is staffed by Court Security Officers. If an alert sounds, further scanning by hand-held wand will take place to determine the source.
  • Personal items will be scanned by x-ray. If questionable items are found during a scan, you will be asked to identify the item and potentially remove it from the courthouse.