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Community Service

Community service may be imposed with a variety of goals in mind, such as rehabilitation, restitution, reparation, and punishment.

Community service brings offenders into the volunteer service network who ordinarily are not inclined to volunteer their services or who might be unaware of their ability to provide services to others. The service performed by offenders provides valuable resources in non-compensable labor and talent. The offender can provide valuable experience in a work setting, as well as the opportunity to acquire skills, training, and work references that can be used in subsequent job searches.

Likewise, community service enables the community to participate in the correctional process. Community service benefits the Court by offering an additional sentencing option. In turn, community service benefits the victim(s) by providing them with satisfaction that the offender did not evade responsibility for his/her actions. Punishment is achieved by taking away the offender's leisure time, as well as the restrictions it imposes upon personal liberty.