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Home Confinement


"Home Detention" means a program of confinement and supervision that restricts the offender to his place of residence continuously, except for authorized absences, enforced by appropriate means of surveillance by the Probation Office.
When an order of Home Detention is imposed, the offender is required to be in his place of residence at all times except for approved absences for gainful employment, community service, religious services, medical care, educational or training programs, and such other times as may be specifically authorized.  Electronic monitoring is an appropriate means of surveillance and ordinarily should be used in connection with Home Detention.


Home Confinement Rules
Standard Rules

You shall remain within the confines of your residence at all times except:

  1. To maintain gainful employment and a reasonable time to travel to and from your place of employment. Your travel will be by the most direct route without intermediate stops unless approved by the United States Probation Officer.
  2. To participate in religious services of choice with the advance approval of the United States Probation Officer.
  3. To receive psychological treatment, drug/alcohol treatment, medical and/or dental care with advance approval of the United States Probation Officer.
  4. For such other purposes as the United States Probation Officer may deem essential.


Specific Conditions, Rules and Additional Restrictions

  1. I agree to call my officer immediately if I have any questions about the rules of electronic monitoring or if I experience any problems with the monitoring equipment.
  2. While under home detention supervision, I agree to wear a non-removable monitoring unit which will be attached by my officer.
  3. I agree not to answer the phone on the first ring.
  4. I agree not to place any objects on the monitoring unit, not to move the unit, and not to place any objects near the unit.
  5. I agree to allow a monitoring device to be connected to the telephone and the telephone outlet at my residence.
  6. I agree not to move, disconnect or tamper with the electronic monitoring device.
  7. I agree not to remove or tamper with the monitoring equipment except in a life threatening emergency or with the prior permission of my officer.
  8. I agree to allow authorized personnel to inspect and maintain the monitoring equipment.
  9. I agree to return the monitoring equipment to my officer upon demand.
  10. I agree to have a telephone and electrical service, at my expense, at my residence and provide the United States Probation Officer with a copy of the phone bill each month. I understand that I may not have call forwarding, caller ID, call waiting, a computer modem, an answering machine, a fax machine, a mobile telephone or a wireless telephone on the phone line used for monitoring. I understand changes in the telephone equipment or services may not be made without the prior approval of my Probation Officer. Phone calls on this phone line will be limited to 10 minutes.
  11. I agree to notify my officer immediately if I lose electrical power at my residence, if I have to remove the transmitter because of an emergency, or if I experience any problems with the monitoring equipment. If there is a power problem, I agree that I will call and leave another message when the power is restored. I also agree to notify my officer of any problems with my telephone service as soon as I am able to do so.
  12. I agree to allow the probation officer into my place of residence upon his/her demand, at any time of the day or night.
  13. I agree not to engage in, participate in, or otherwise attend parties, celebrations or social gatherings at my residence.
  14. I understand I must have prior approval from the probation officer to have visitors in my place of residence. Each approval will specify the hours I may have visitors.
  15. I may leave my residence for genuine emergencies. I will report any emergency to my United States Probation Officer at the first available opportunity. I will be expected to provide documented proof of the emergency.
  16. I will not use alcohol in excess; nor will I visit places where alcohol is served.
  17. I must provide the United States Probation Officer with copies of paycheck stubs, medical and dental appointment verification slips, rent or mortgage receipt, and such other documentation as may be requested.
  18. I must maintain employment with a fixed location where my Probation Officer will be able to locate me promptly at my work location. Jobs that do not meet this requirement are not permitted during the period of Home Detention. All job changes must be approved in advance by the Probation Office.
  19. I understand and agree that all telephone calls from the monitoring contractor to my residence will be tape recorded by the monitoring contractor.
  20. I understand that I will be ordered to pay for monitoring services.
  21. I am also subject to the general terms and conditions of probation, parole, or supervised release while on Home Detention.

Payment Instructions

Location Monitoring & Home Detention
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