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Camera System Carrollwood Office


as August 19, 2022


Solicitation #02-2022

  1. Contract Title.

  Camera System Carrollwood Office

  1. Background.

The United States Probation Office for the Middle District of Florida is looking to replace and upgrade our existing camera system. Questions can be directed to Ryan Richards (813) 352-5001. All quotes must be received via email to and or by mail to Ryan Richards, 4014 Gunn Hwy Suite 250 Tampa, FL 33618. All quotes should be received by 5PM on August  30, 2022.

  1. Scope.

Procurement and installation of (21) indoor and outdoor digital video cameras of various resolutions with onboard storage for approximately 30 days of storage.  Cloud backup storage for 30-days is required and perpetual cloud storage at no cost for all archived videos.  Installation of Qty. (21) CAT-6 plenum rated cables throughout our suite on the second floor of a two-story commercial building.    See Attachment “A” for camera placement.  Outdoor 4k tele-photo camera will be mounted on second story exterior of building to monitor stored government vehicles in parking lot.  Terminate all wire runs into a Panduit patch panel located in the server room networking rack.  Use violet colored plenum rated Cat-6 cables for all new wires. Install a video display unit that will show all cameras with live video using an existing CAT-6 to HDMI video distribution system to 4 existing large screen TVs that are already mounted.

  1. Specific Tasks and Technical Requirements
• Initial 10 Year Hardware Warranty • 30 Days of Video Storage on Local Camera Device Only
• No DVR or NVR storage on LAN. Only local storage on camera. • Mobile app with minimum 4-Star rating on Apple App Store. • 30 Days of backup cloud storage for all videos.  No cost perpetual cloud storage of all archived video clips.  In-place roadmap for FEDRAMP storage at no cost in 3 years or less.
• Facial recognition and motion snapshots at no additional cost or licensing • 2 Second delay or less for live display using a dedicated device that streams camera feeds to any local hdmi input display with ultra-low latency, crisp video playback, customizable layouts. • License plate and crowd analytics at no charge. 
• Capabilities of integration with burglar alarm and door access system, guest management system, and mailroom distribution management system at additional cost. • NDAA Complaint •Onboard audio mic with turn on/off capabilities and the ability to restrict changes to this setting by user permissions.
  1. Place of Performance.

Installation and Equipment to be delivered to United States Probation:  Ryan Richards, or 4014 Gunn Hwy. Suite 250 Tampa, FL 33618


Please Quote the following or Equivalent:

Seperate quotes must be provided for 1-Year licensing for all requested 5-Year licenses to show any potential discount for the multi-year license request.  These licensing quotes must be seperate quotes.  The hardware equipment, project management, installation, Cat-6 wire, and configuration can be quoted on a third seperate quote.  Please call if you have questions.

Verkada CB61-TE 4K Outdoor Bullet Telephoto - 30 Days


01 EA
Verkada CF81 12MP Indoor/Outdoor Fisheye - 30 Days



01 EA
Verkada CD42 Indoor Dome - 30 Day Retention 19 EA
Verkada VX52 Viewing Station 01 EA
Verkada Camera License - 5 Year Verkada Camera License - 5 Year 21 EA
Verkada VX52 Viewing Station - 5 Year License Verkada VX52 Viewing Station - 5 Year License 01 EA
Verkada Camera - Installation and Configuration


Includes installation of (21) new plenum rated VIOLET CAT6 to support (20) new Indoor and (1) new Outdoor Verkada Cameras, Panduit patch 24- port patch panel.  Includes all set up, configuration, and training.  Including all travel and incidentals. Includes all permitting required. 01 EA