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Payment Instructions

A fine is a monetary penalty imposed by the Court in addition to any other penalty imposed. The imposition of a fine is not mandatory in most cases. The amount of the fine varies depending on the classification of felony the offense of conviction is, or if it is a misdemeanor; and if the defendant is a person or an organization.

There are two types of restitution. The first type is monetary payments made to the victims who were directly harmed by the offender's action. The second type is community restitution for victimless drug offenses based on the amount of public harm caused by the offender.

Special Assessment
The United States Congress created special assessments to provide financial assistance to the states for the purpose of compensating and assisting victims of crime. Special assessments are mandatory and are imposed for every count of conviction except forfeiture counts.
The amount of the special assessment varies from $5 to $100 for an individual, and $25 to $400 for a corporation, depending on the classification of the offense of conviction (i.e. felony, misdemeanor, or infraction).